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Tag: podcasting

A Quick Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting seems to have made a resurgence in the mainstream, especially in social marketing circles, in recent months. As both a podcast producer and listener, it’s natural that I’d be happy about this! I’ve been podcasting since 2006 and the amount of fun, community, and opportunities that you build for yourself…

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Social media in speech therapy

Social media provides excellent benefits in everything. Period. On the latest episode of my podcast, Stuttering is Cool, I interview four speech therapists who incorporate social media tools in their practice. My summary follows. I first speak with fellow Canadian, Tanya Cole and Shareka Bentham from Barbados. They host a…

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I’m giving a JOLT!

My JOLT! proposal for PAB09 has been accepted! JOLT!s are 5-minute presentations designed to give participants something new to think about. Like a mini TED Talk. I’m giving a condensed version of the session I plan on giving at PodCamp London on April 25th. This is really cool and awesome.…

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