I know, I know cheesy title but that’s the name I chose for my session at PodCamp London this April 25th.

Here is the description: Reach Out And Touch Someone by Daniele Rossi. You have the awesome ability to make positive changes to people’s lives all over the world through your podcast and other social media tools. Who says Twitter is a waste of time?

I’ll be sharing the valuable things I’ve observed and learned from producing my podcast, Stuttering is Cool. First and foremost, the fact that we can mentor others all over the world. Yes, yes, I know we can do the same thing with email and forums, but social media makes it so much easier and efficient. I’ll be explaining it all in my session.

If you can’t make it to London (Ontario), the sessions will be recorded. I highly recommend going because you learn so much at podcamps. And the networking is v-a-l-u-a-b-l-e.