Cover of my free ebook entitled "A Quick Guide to Podcasting"

Podcasting seems to have made a resurgence in the mainstream, especially in social marketing circles, in recent months. As both a podcast producer and listener, it’s natural that I’d be happy about this!

I’ve been podcasting since 2006 and the amount of fun, community, and opportunities that you build for yourself when you produce a podcast makes it difficult for me to ever imagine myself not podcasting. So I thought I’d share my learnings and experience with podcasting as well as my joy of cartooning in an ebook that I’m offering for free.

Entitled, A Quick Guide to Podcasting, it’s part comic book and part survival guide. I hope my 10-page book will help you get set up on your first podcasting adventure. Or if you’re already podcasting, there may be some new tips that will be helpful to you. My ebook stars Spud, the main character in my web comic at

I cover microphones, rss feeds, domain names, using smart phones as a short cut, how to sound like you’re not reading when you really are, choosing the best room in your house to record in, audio filtering, how to know if podcasting is right for you, where to find royalty-free music, community building, engaging listeners, and much more.

Please note that I only cover audio since I’ve only dabbled a little bit in video over the years. Perhaps a topic for a future ebook? Watch this space!

My ebook, A Quick Guide to Podcasting, is available in PDF format and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.