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Category: creativity

Old Book Illustrations

One of my inspirations for art comes from seeing what other artists have done and trying my hand at experimenting with their style. It’s a great way of learning something new and also inventing/evolving a new style of your own. And inspiring other artists afterwards! Old Book Illustrations is a…

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The art of the 45

My nostalgia for the vinyl record has never gone away and to this day, I miss the art of the record label. It’s just not the same as on a cd or—don’t make me laugh— the cover art on digital downloads.

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Look inside children’s books

Need illustration inspiration? Have a peek over on this site showcasing children’s books. You can flip through every page! I like The Cat Came Back .

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Experience-based design

I began reading Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton, and so far, after 40+ pages, I’m enjoying it immensley and learning a lot. It’s about the importance of designing something (a product, website, building, team, whatever) "in the wild" instead of in a laboratory with "idealized and unrealistic assumptions" (My…

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Doodle Association Game

I’ve had this site in my bookmarks for a long while and thought it’s about time I blogged about it. Kevin Cornell and his buddy, Kim, invented this cool collaborative drawing game. Oh, I made that sound so dry and scientific. They gave it a cooler name, “The Doodle Association…

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