Yup, this website had 6 other designs over the years since I first started in web design. Right before the dot bust era of the late 90s. Each new design reflected the evolution of my branding as I learned the ropes and improved my skills.

Version 7, which I dubbed “Quick Glance”, is designed around providing the user the quickest way to look at my portfolio samples with the least amount of clicking as possible. Large images on the right, short descriptions on the left, use the scroll bar.

I also split my areas of expertise in order to provide context and reduce web copy.

Though I designed version 7 as minimally as possible, CSS proved yet again how frustrating it can be across browsers while jQuery joined in on the fun. I just wish the browsers would fight their battles on their own time instead of ours.

A big thanks for helping me (and sometimes cheering up) along the way go out to typography queen Kitty Florido, CSS sensei Nico, programming megastar Curtis McHale and jQuery guru Tom Hart.

My next personal project is creating the mobile version of version 7.