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Category: comics

Super Spud iPad web app comics preview

What a mouthful that title is, eh? Anyhoo, I’m close to launching the interactive iPad optimized web app edition of my SuperSpud digital comics. I thought I’d share a sneak preview of the three comics that will launch with the app. Particularly, their covers!

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Trying out watercolors

My 4th Sketchbook Video has me flipping through my watercolour Moleskine sketchbook from sometime in 2008 or 2009 (I really should add dates in my sketchbooks). In spite of having grown up frustrated with the medium, I was inspired by the beautiful watercolour work by Calvin & Hobbes creator, Bill…

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Drawing using no erasers

My latest sketchbook video features the sketchbooks I used to draw my Snert Oh No web comic in 2010. I’d draw a one-panel comic during the 1.5 hour wait for my Toastmasters meeting every Wednesday after work. Then I used my iPhone for photographing, post-processing and posting (until a suitable…

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Adobe Acrobat (constant) Auto-Updater

New comic over at my graphic blog: a good example of not quite the user experience both parties had hoped for. Download, print it and use it for your September calendar :)

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The Victorian Internet

I created a four-part series over at my graphic blog teaching a little bit about the similarities of the telegraph and today’s Internet. It’s inspired by the book, The Victorian Internet, and it “takes place” in a fictional version of PodCamp and PAB called, well, TelegraphCamp.

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