Over at Chris Brogan’s blog entitled “Your Blog This Weekend“, he takes a break during the weekend and lets his reader post a blog post in the comments section of this post (how many times have I written “post”?).

What a great idea!

I’d do that too if I had lots of readers :) Sometimes it takes time to build an audience/community. In the meantime, I posted a post (there’s that word again). To my delight, someone had previously posted (can’t help it) about a funny story in his animation class.

Did someone say animation? You can read Chris’ post and all his readers submissions by clicking this fantastic link.

Happy Blog Day!

Coincidentally (as far as I know), today is also Blog Day. I found out about it through Sean McGaughey’s twitter. The occasion calls for bloggers to list 5 blogs for the purpose of introducing them to their readers.

1. A Catholic Canadian
I’ll start off by listing Sean’s blog since that’s where I heard about Blog Day today. It is also my first time finding out that he’s blogging now! Also known as the Duct Tape Guy, Sean has a podcast about songwriting called For The Sake of the Song.

2. Atomic Suburbia
One of the best Canadian podcasts out there because the host, Daryl Cognito, also known as the PodDog, really makes you think– particularly about what it means to be Canadian as he himself is searching his place in this wonderful country of ours. Chime in on his blog with your thoughts of Canada.

3. Generation Exploitation
I seem to be on a Canadian kick here because this is another Canadian blog (avec accompanying podcast). Aside from comedy records, the host plays his collection of unintentionally funny vinyl from yesteryear. They’re hilarious!

4. MammaSteph’s Musings
Ok, the pattern has been set. This is the 4th Canadian blog I’ve listed :) The musings of a mamma… named Steph. Ok, she’s a good friend of mine who blogs about being a mother in this day and age. Her posts are really funny.

5. Media Network Weblog
Breaking the Canadian pattern is a blog from the Netherlands, the country that each year, sends tulips to our capital city as a thank you for helping liberate the Dutch in World War 2 (a great moment in Canadian history which sadly is pretty silent) and also sheltering the Dutch Royal Family (read about it here). Media Network was a terrific show on Radio Netherlands Worldwide about shortwave radio programs. It’s in blog format now so everything you ever needed to know about radio and tv in the world will be found on the Media Network Blog.

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