It’s been a long, long time (in Internet time) since I’ve blogged. Reason being is I’ve set myself in overdrive in WordPress-ising this site (and what a learning experience that was!).

Reason being: my branding changed. started out as simply an url redirected to which contained everything. My illustration portfolio, comics, comic mini-sites, and social media and illustration blog.

For SEO reasons, I felt it was necessary to turn into my social media profile. A 1-page site listing all the web 2.0 sites on which I have a profile.

Later on, I felt it was time to update my personal branding and here we are. I am happy with the way I designed my site. I like the large cartoons, the tilting and contact form! I also have a number enhancements which I am planning (and can’t wait!) to upload soon. Keep your rss readers tuned!