edit: the show name issue has been fixed 

I WAS really excited about starting up my own show on UStream.tv. I have it all planned out (I won’t reveal it yet) and got my webcam out, signed up, filled out my profile and clicked “My Shows” to set up my “standard show”.

I thought of a name and filled out the necessary form fields and uploaded a show picture. Clicked “Create show” and got greeted with a message saying “Show name already in use, please choose another show name”.


Ok, fine, maybe there is someone else with my name who thought of the exact same title. It could happen. There are pages and pages of Daniele Rossi’s in the Rome phonebook. Surely, one of them speaks english and yes, coincidentally, even he would be using UStream to set up a show called Daniele Rossi’s Adventures in Drawing.

So I did a search but no shows come up with that name. Not even my name. What’s the problem then? I try other variations and still got the same message from UStream. “Show name already in use, please choose another show name”.

I try gibberish. Surely, no two people will type the same random keystrokes. Apparently it happens on UStream.

Maybe it’s a Firefox thing. I fire up Safari and go through the whole shbang again. “Show name already in use, please choose another show name”.

No FAQ, no support on UStream’s website. What is it with social media sites and a lack of support? Ok, you become the bestest thing since last week’s bestest thing and you can’t grow with the flow? Not even a faq?

A search on Google returned no matching results. Maybe it’s a bug? I sent them an e-mail but I wonder how long it will take for them to reply? In the meantime, does anyone know what is causing this?

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