Plurk, a Twitter clone, has received a lot of buzz. I like how its website has an illustrative design to it :)

Speaking of which, I’m inviting you to join me in an experiment with the same ideas as my (long finished) TwitterSpud experiment last year. I created Plurk accounts for 2 of my cartoons; Spud and the all-cat group, The Sodium Bicarbonates.

I want YOU to create a Plurk account for a cartoon YOU design and then add Spud and the cats as friends! And they’ll also friend your toons. If enough people participate, it should be fun :)

Yes, you’ll be plurking for a cartoon! It may sound stupid and pointless, but so is Facebook.

What will you write?

Whatever you think your cartoon would say. If he/she/it lives on Mars, for example, comment on its observations of the Phoenix Lander probe :) Be creative. Be wild. Maybe your cartoon is a piece of lint on Barack Obama’s suit. Maybe yours is an anime style cartoon living in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Where can you find the time for this silliness?

Update whenever you can.

What if you can’t draw?

Don’t worry, stick figures are cartoons, too! Think of them as supermodels.