I managed to squeeze in a sketchcrawl while I was in Paris. I met up with a fellow crawler who was also in Paris for the first time. First we went to L’Orangerie which is an art gallery featuring Monet’s panoramic paintings of water lilies. Yes, panoramic.

After, we sat by some trees in le Jardin des Tuileries and did some sketching:

Top left: A couple were sitting on a park bench across from us. It was the first time I had the nerve to sketch strangers without asking permsission.

Top right: same park bench, but with different people.

Bottom: That fallen tree was made of bronze according to the sign beside it. It just looked too real to be bronze but like the Italians, the French are great at art.

The tree beside it. Before I reached the l’Orangerie, I came across a Japanese bookstore that sold anime art supplies! I bought some markers and coloured in the leaves.

I also did a few sketches before we met up:

Left: A store across from the cafe where I had un petit bowl of cottage cheese with raspberry sauce (8 freakin’ euros it costed). As you can see, I need work on my proportions.

Center: It is supposed to be a statue of a person on a horse at Place de la Concorde.

Right: A twig

The view of the Eiffel Tower and a nearby statue from the bench where I was sitting overlooking Place de la Concorde. Proportions once again.

Then I got tired.  I drew a fountain in le Jardin des Tuileries in minimalist style.

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