Traditional media like newspapers, tv and radio stations are usually the last industry that come to mind when you think about social media.

At the Talk Is Cheap social media unconference for PR I attended on Nov 15th, I sat in on a fantastic presentation given by David Fleet about the opposite using the California wildfires as a case study.

The basis of David’s presentation was what the government of California’s website severely lacked in providing their people the information they needed during the crisis as compared to what the media offered: mashed up social media tools to get useful information out quickly to, say, cell phones. Because these days, those annoying little tethers let you surf the web even when you’ve been evacuated.

David’s presentation made me realize that social media tools are perfect for a crisis plan regardless if you’re the government, a corporation or whatever. Just make sure there’s already a process in place so your team will know what to do when everyone’s hyper.

And the best part is you don’t need to rely in IT or worry about any infrastructure issues.

David’s presentation goes into detail about the whats and hows so if you ever get the chance, don’t miss it.