Crayon, a new marketing company that luuuuurves Second Life has just launched Virtual Thirst for Coca-Cola. So this morning in Crayonville on Second Life, the topic of discussion was the campaiin so far. Actually, it was held on the Virtual Thirst island.

It was my first time participating in the Crayonville online gathering which happens every Thursday at 9am. I was allowed to stay home from work today so I could participate (since I work in corporate communications). I am still trying to wrap my head around what a corporation can use Second Life for and I am subscriber to the Crayon podcast so I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet with new people in the social media and communications industry.

Joseph Jaffe was there and I had a chance to chat with him (I am also an enthusiastic subscriber to his podcast). It was inevitable that Twitter would come up in conversation and also inevitable if Twitter will last. That’s when I realized I still hadn’t subscribed to Joseph’s Twitter like I had planned last week.

I soon found myself completely engaged which was a surprise because I always found Second Life boring. I was listening to what the experts had to say, I offered my opinions, asked questions and, well, participated in the conversation. That’s what corporations have to keep in mind when dealing with social media.

After the chat was over, I checked out a few other islands run by corporations such as Adidas, Reebok and American Apparel. In the real world, I questioned why would anyone care to buy shoes in Second Life? If there’s a store and a website, why bother with Second Life? Well, I was quick to find that browsing in a store on Second Life is a lot more fun than a website! :)

It seemed that only 1 type of shoe was offered for sale but Adidas offered 1-click purchase. Reebok offered customizing your shoe. I didn’t check but I am sure these features also exist on their respective websites.

It would be great to participate in the Crayonville chat again. The people there were friendly and the conversation was easy to follow.

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