No, not those angry birds.

For the past four days, a robin has been repeatedly flying into my window. It would return back to a nearby tree and try again. Over and over. For hours. I’ve seen birds do something like this a few times years ago but never to my house. So I took out my DSLR to video it and possibly share it on Facebook or something for a few chuckles.

I didn’t end up uploading the clip, however, when the bird returned the following morning, I had the idea of having a little fun with the video. Why not make a short film out it?

Well, not a serious short film:

Keepin’ Busy from Daniele Rossi on Vimeo.

The bird returned the next day so I made a sequel:

Keepin’ Busy 2: Still At It from Daniele Rossi on Vimeo.

I hoped the bird would return on the third day so I can complete the trilogy:

Keepin’ Busy 3: This Completes The Trilogy from Daniele Rossi on Vimeo.

I got a little more creative with the third one.

It was fun creating these short films. I was able to finally put iMovie to good use (beyond just splicing clips together) and got to learn a little bit about observing wildlife.

Trying to learn iMovie was frustrating. However, once I found out how to do something simple like fade audio and, well, add a clip, the true power of iMovie shined. It took me about half an hour to assemble and crop each video. But a lot longer to source audio (that’s a story for another post).

And as for observing wildlife? The first day, the bird spent at least seven hours slamming itself against my window. Pecking at it’s reflection. Pooing all over the ground.

By the third day, the bird would come and go throughout the day, flying into my window a few times with each visit. By this morning, it seems to be content with sitting by the window.

So why the attraction to my window? It’s clear that the bird sees its reflection (and other trees) in my window. It thinks the reflection is another bird. A Google search turned up a few theories:

1. The bird built a nest nearby and is protecting it. I don’t think this is the reason. I haven’t noticed any birds building nests in my area (spring hasn’t quite sprung yet).

2. Well, it’s spring! And the male bird is trying to fend off rivals in his territory. I didn’t know birds can be territorial (I mean, outside of their nests).

3. Well, it’s spring! And the male bird thinks his reflection is a female bird. cleared it up for me (theory number three above it ain’t). It’s at the bottom of this page.