I transformed my About Myself page into a comic book!

The idea just popped into my head as I was looking to offer something more creative than the usual body of text.

The page flipping is a WordPress plugin called Page Flip . It works with jpgs you upload, sort, and specify which are one sided and which are double sided. I think it’s a cool plugin however, it was a tiny bit temperamental. I don’t know if it’s because I was using the free Lite version instead of the pro.

If you decide to try this out, keep in mind to ignore all errors.  Also, you won’t see the images you uploaded even though they are in fact there.  And if you accidentally set a page as single sided instead of double, save yourself time and just delete it and reupload.

Aside from those, the plugin works well. Oh, and you’ll need to know a bit of French ;) I don’t know if there was any configuration I overlooked but most of the plugin is in French. Again, I don’t know if all this is only in the Lite version.

I wish Page Flip also used gifs. My images would be sharper as gifs. As jpgs, they have to be really large. Right now, I have them hovering around the 50k mark. I know we’re in broadband times, but I still like to keep my images small. Especially in a gallery setting.

Of course, I have a million more ideas for using this plugin however, I can only use it for 1 book. Perhaps it’s something supported in the Pro version.

Anyhoo, I let me know what you think of my comic book autobiography.