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Tag: social media

3 ways how context gauges social media campaign success

There is no set formula for determining the success of a social media campaign. Something along the lines of “if you get over X number of retweets or reach on Facebook, then you were successful” doesn’t apply to the social media campaigns because each has its own unique goals (you are thinking about the goals first, right?)…

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Social media in speech therapy

Social media provides excellent benefits in everything. Period. On the latest episode of my podcast, Stuttering is Cool, I interview four speech therapists who incorporate social media tools in their practice. My summary follows. I first speak with fellow Canadian, Tanya Cole and Shareka Bentham from Barbados. They host a…

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RIM’s social media ventures

I attended Third Tuesday‘s event on December 7th all about RIM’s social media adventures. As usual for Third Tuesday, the presentation didn’t disappoint! RIM’s presentation was yet another lesson in – surprise,  surprise – actually wanting to get to know your users (that is, users of your social media ventures.…

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