I attended Third Tuesday‘s event on December 7th all about RIM’s social media adventures. As usual for Third Tuesday, the presentation didn’t disappoint!

RIM’s presentation was yet another lesson in – surprise,  surprise – actually wanting to get to know your users (that is, users of your social media ventures. You know, your customers) and allowing them to be your brand ambassadors. In a nutshell, RIM built a support forum – yup, old school web 1.0 – had the usual CSRs on there and rewarded power users with access to expos, etc., to report back.

That’s what stuck out in my mind when I left. RIM had other initiatives but they were all basically the same basis as described above (I decided not to be a fountain of information in this blog post. A Google search should help you find the motherlode). RIM didn’t just use the latest tool. They used the best tools for their needs (and the easiest for users to use) and their strategy.

Simple as that.