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Teaching Comic Sans criminals

Now THIS is an excellent and entertaining way to teach typography and choosing fonts. Plus, it’s short! Using the dreaded yet widely misused Comic Sans font to illustrate when to use which fonts to portray certain kinds of design communication. Check it out at

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I’m attending TabLife TO

TabLife TO is a half-day conference organized by Rogers on December 3, 2010. The conference explores the emerging tablets platform and it’s impact on culture, business and traditional media. I’m excited to attend this conference because it looks like the program will touch on areas about tablets that I’m really…

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I felt it was time to redesign and rebrand and take it to the next level. To recap: promotes the fantastic Tiger Analogy of Stuttering Empowerment. I liked it so much when I first heard it that I immediately designed a tiger cartoon mascot and website to go…

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More iPad Ux goodness

Came across this fantastic presentation given at PodCamp Nashville illustrating the vital user experience elements us designer and developers need to keep in mind when creating for the device. In a nutshell: no fold but use that space wisely.

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Designing for mobile device first

NICE! Three reasons why web apps should be designed for the mobile first. In a nutshell, designing for mobile apps forces you to prioritize the important features.

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The iPad experience

Following up from my previous post about my initial thoughts of the iPad, I’d like to elaborate on what I think is the most important quality of Apple’s new device. Unfortunately, the iPad is too easily being overlooked as simply a bigger iPhone (there are lots of other complaints but…

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