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Category: comics

Comics for therapy and outreach

As a truly immersive medium, comics are a great way to engage and touch lives. I’ve recently came across a beautiful digital comic called Cancer Owl created by Matthew Mewhorter who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. Matthew turned to drawing comics about his treatments as a way to cope and share with others who are also going through…

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How to apply SEO and accessibility to infographics and comics

I’m a long time fan of infographics as they can provide a truly engaging way to present data in a visual and easy-to-understand way. I feel the same way about comics as a similar format to convey information with the additional benefit of creating empathy with your audience while educating…

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How to ensure your infographics and comics aren’t cut off in news feeds

That infographic, comic, or other kind of visual you want to post on social networks that you or your team worked on and can’t wait to unleash to the world… may only end up getting parts cut off across social networks. Unfortunately, each social network (and app – they have…

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A Quick Guide to Podcasting

Podcasting seems to have made a resurgence in the mainstream, especially in social marketing circles, in recent months. As both a podcast producer and listener, it’s natural that I’d be happy about this! I’ve been podcasting since 2006 and the amount of fun, community, and opportunities that you build for yourself…

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Lessons from Batkid

One simple wish from a 5 year old boy generated so much goodness. Indeed no hero too small. Miles Scott, 5 years old and in remission of leukemia had a wish: to be Batman. So the Make A Wish Foundation turned San Francisco into Gotham City for a day on…

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