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Month: February 2010

Designing for mobile device first

NICE! Three reasons why web apps should be designed for the mobile first. In a nutshell, designing for mobile apps forces you to prioritize the important features.

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Doing my bit for CrisisCamp

I’m participating in CrisisCamp today. It’s a worldwide collaboration bringing designers, programmers, photographers, writers, translators, etc. coming together to build tools for NGOs helping in a crisis siutation. Today is for Haiti. I’m volunteering my skills in usability testing and design for projects already in progress. Teams worldwide are all…

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The iPad experience

Following up from my previous post about my initial thoughts of the iPad, I’d like to elaborate on what I think is the most important quality of Apple’s new device. Unfortunately, the iPad is too easily being overlooked as simply a bigger iPhone (there are lots of other complaints but…

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