…with my good friend John Meadows who did a fantastic job with the back end development. You can view it at http://m.pcto.ca. You’ll have to view it on an iPhone or iPod Touch – and any webkit based smartphone. More on this later.

As of writing, the mobile app is in beta and features only the event schedule and Twitter stream. This is due to time constraints however, we took advantage of the fact that regular websites function very well on the iPhone so we didn’t sweat too much on keeping features at a minimum. Further information about the event can always be found on the regular website.

My job was on the front end making things look pretty while adhereing to the functionality of the iPhone and the design scheme of the PodCamp Toronto 2010 website.

Another big thank you goes to the people behind the iWebKit iPhone framework. If you’re looking to design a web app with the exact ok and feel of the iPhone UI, this is a good framework to use.

Although the framework is made for the iPhone and iPod Touch (and now the iPad), I didn’t use any of the Apple specific code so that non-Apple users at PodCamp can use the mobile site as well (webkit css works on Android smartphones). Unfortunately, John and I didn’t have enough time to build a BlackBerry version.