Some people (i.e. me) tend to plan which CDs they will bring along on a road trip. For those of you driving/flying to Kingston for Podcasters Across Borders 2008, or even if you’re living in Kingston and you’re driving to PAB2008 (or taking public transit), just for fun, what music are you specially planning for your road trip?


I’m a big time fan so this is default. While driving to PAB2007, I was blasting one of my CDs at high volume with the windows rolled down (it was a beautiful day). Despite my utter respect for ABBA and their (underrated) musical artistry, I couldn’t help but find the scenario funny.

Men Without Hats Rhythm of Youth/Folk of the 80s (Part III)
Rhythm of Youth
is one of my all-time favourite albums and nothing beats the dynamic range in the 12" of Where Do The Boys Go?. Can’t resist playing Freeways while driving the 401.

Mitsou Terre des hommes
I still carry the torch for the most beautiful and sexiest Canadian hottie ever.

Pet Shop Boys Discography
I like their 80s stuff more than their recent ventures. Chances are, I’ll also bring along their Alternative double CD as I like a few of their b-sides.

An Italian band that still records today but I prefer their hey-day stuff. A good 5 albums worth. Their style is a mix of rock, pop and dance music.

Lots of electrotango
Tango + house music = sensual ear candy which conjures images of leggy women in red. Gggggrrooowwwwlll! Somewhere along the 401 I’ll definitely be listening to the likes of Bajofondo Tango Club, more Bajofondo Tango Club and Gotan Project.

Louis Armstrong Pure Louis
A Canadian-only (as far as I know) double cd of Louis Armstrong. Nothing beats driving on the highway in the middle of the day listening to a big of Satchmo. Actually, this would be perfect for the drive back on Sunday afternoon.

Various tunes discovered from iTunes, Beatport and Ministry of Sound
Self-explanatory. Mixed CDs with songs like a cool remix of The Look of Love by Nina Simone, Something Good 08 by Utah Saints, Im Nin’alu by Ofra Haza and even the overture from The Barber of Seville. Yes, my taste is that varied.

Mr. Suitcase Frauds
This is a free album of what I’ve read is a 40+ minute mix of house music by Swedish DJ, Mr. Suitcase. He offers his album free by bit torrent. I haven’t heard any of the music yet but I have about 2 minutes left in my download as I type this.