My jaw dropped when I saw the concept designs for the X02 — the follow up to the, you guessed it, X0. This is the $180 $100 laptop for children in developing countries.

THAT is exactly what I mean by designing usable products. See the photo of the kid holding the laptop like a book? Real-world practicality. I never did like that clunky e-book reader Amazon put out.

The target release date is 2010 and I hope they do the buy one get one campaign because I would totally love to own one of those babies. No more reading on screens or printing out stuff from the web. I can download them all to the book and read like areal book. Not an ugly brick from the 80s like Amazon’s product (sorry, my eyes hurt when I first saw it many moons ago).

Anyhoo, kudos to the design team of the X02.