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Twitter is the latest, greatest thing since slice bread on the Internet and social media. I first heard about it from PodCamp Toronto and when I tried it out, I couldn’t help think “why would this be of any use?”.

If you check out my twitter —on the left or over at— you’ll see fascinating postings such as:

  • Wish me luck– I am about to do a DNS change on one of my websites…
  • On hold with d-link support because the guy at Best Buy neglected to tell me that I need to download drivers for stupid Wndows Vista.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate Windows Vista?

I took the idea of telling your friends what you are doing now. And my friends had similar posts.

Until I read Mitch Joel‘s post on his fantastic blog, Twist Image. The post is “Google News Alerts now grabbing content from Twitter” and Mitch talks about how a Google Alert sent him one of his posts in Twitter.

I know! I was surprised too! Twitter? Why would Google take Twitter seriously?

Mitch explains why and I suggest you go an read his superb description on why “Google News Alerts now grabbing content from Twitter” — but I am more fascinated with how he uses Twitter. Mitch posts useful information such as communication and marketing book reviews, his upcoming interviews, latest industry news— relevant information his blog readers would use (and Google! What a smart, smart guy!). He does add personal things but again, they are relevant and useful for his audience.

I am inspired to do the same. To give back to the social media and artistic community in yet another deceptively fluffy way.

Now if only you can click on the urls on people’s Twitters (that sounded dirty).

In the words of Twitter, “Follow Mitch Joel at“.

I also left a comment on Mitch’s podcast, Six Pixels of Seperation (look for it on iTunes or on his blog), show #37. Full of brain farts. But hey, it’s a great way to practice public speaking since I’ll be launching a podcast of my own soon.

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