Early in the week, I was reading Steve Coulson‘s post on the Crayonville blog entitled “Twitter takes over“. In it, he lists a few of his ideas for what Twitter can be used for besides the usual what you are doing at the moment.

One item made me stand up and take notice. Could a real word game be played out on Twitter between actors? I immediately thought of Spud. Could Twitter be used for storytelling?

I suddenly found myself really, really, really excited and before I knew it, I was planning out and registering twitterspud.com.

I chose 2 of my main characters, Spud and his newly ex-girlfriend Willomina, created a Twitter account for both of them and set them us as friends. So the story is the dialogue between the two which happens to take place over Twitter.

You can follow along by making them your friends on Twitter or surf over to twitterspud.com (I also provide an RSS feed. Rather, Twitter provides it). I originally wanted to have the Twitter timeline badge but it doesn’t display properly in Firefox and Safari and it doesn’t seem to display at all on IE for Windows. Until I get that resolved, I’ll use my workaround.

I am excited to see how this experiment will turn out. Have Steve Coulson and I just created a genre? A Twitter soap opera?

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