Thus ends my first MESH Conference. All in all, most of the information wasn’t new to me, but of course, i’ve been reading up on various aspects of social media like a mad man since the end of February but MESH offered a teriffic opportunity to network.

I made 2 for my illustration freelance venture, quite a few for my day job, and I learned a lot about other conferences such as Enterprise 2.0, TorCamp, BarCamp and DemoCamp. I also heard about tonnes of philanthropy sites, green sites, and interesting start ups such as I will blog about all those in the future.

The most important thing to remember, in my opinion, about social media is not what will be the next best thing, or if you should abandon MySpace or if Twitter will last. The most important thing is you have to put the community first. Think of them as your client. Your customers (regardless if you’re making money from them or not).

Putting your community first means to think about what your community wants.

Don’t bother with adding cool things without checking if your community wants them. Don’t worry yourself over being visionary or cutting edge. Just… do whatever it is your community wants. Listen to your community. Listen to your audience.

The catered food at MESH was also good.

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