Happy New Year!

My last show recorded in 2007 is the first show for 2008. Best of all, it’s short!

It’s a quick drive on New Years’ Eve introducing The Year of Creativity. Something I made up to encourage me to really get off my butt and do lots of creative work. And my book! Remember way back in the earlier episodes when SpudCast was all about reporting on the progress of my comic book/graphic novel? Long story short, this podcast later morphed into talking about creativity when I realized I was making no progress after a few episodes.

I’ve decided it’s now or never. Be creative or not! Make 2008 the year of creativity!

I ask you:

How do you make yourself creative? What sparks creativity in you? What inspires you? Which creative works are you most proud of?

You tell me…

In a voice mail! Call +1-206-202-0463 (this is actually the number of my other podcast, Stuttering is Cool, until I get a new one for SpudCast). Or record an mp3 and email it to spudcast *at* gmail *dot) com.

SpudCast episode 17: The Year of Creativity