One of the many podcasts I subscribe to includes the Old Time Radio Network on PodShow. And thanks to them, I recieved 10% off on my GoDaddy domain registration!

The other day, I was listening to one of their comedy shows and the interesting original sponsorship break to tell me about Maxwell House brand coffee. Afterwards, I listened to a podcast about new media (I forget the name but it wasn’t my taste and I unsubscribed) and it was one of those sponsored ones with a long intro and commercial at the beginning (actually, it had two).

It was then that I realized that sponsored podcasts sound a lot like old time radio. Corporations try to come up with ways to make money from podcasting. Perhaps this is the way. You know how history repeats itself. Maybe podcasts of today will follow the same route as old time radio– sponsored shows with embedded, uninterruptive commercials during its infancy and… no, on second thought, I won’t continue that thought. We all know what ended up happening to radio (and television thereafter).

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