I hate it.

I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY wish Adobe made a Mac version of Audition. THAT was the best audio program I have ever used. Audition was intuitive. Audition was money well spent. Totally worth it. Didn’t mind the high price.

Audition lives up to “you get what you pay for”. I no like.

For instance, I have a nice wav file of my podcast’s first episode. Converting it to an mp3 in Audition is a breeze.  In Audacity, no matter which setting I use (96-210kps), I sound like I have a cold. I had to resort to copying it into iTunes to convert it to a 96kps mp3. Maybe I’ll try 128 to see if the file size increases much.
Everyone seems to rave about Audacity. I just can’t see why.  Though, I’m open to being enlightened, I really need to fork some money over for a real audio program.

As for my podcast, actually, there are 2! And a 3rd in the future.  The first one is a revival of SpudCast which I faded last year. I’ve redeveloped into talking about my adventures in writing, drawing and publishing a comic book. I also plan on talking about my other drawing and online branding adventures.

The other podcast is called The Laughing Podcast. I’ll talk about that in a future post once I have my first episode uploaded.

And the third will be revealed once I get content!

I’ll list the rss feed and stuff in my next blog post.

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