I just registered for the Podcasters Across Borders happening June 22-24th. I’ll also be starting my new podcasts (note the plural) so I plan on doing some recording. I won’t reveal what my podcasts will be about as I want to have a few shows recorded first.

Although I am a little concerned about driving 3 hours all by myself (never did that before and also I’ve never been to Kingston), I am excited to meet up with fellow podcasters and social media gurus and checking out Mitch Joel‘s “Marketing Toolkit” seminar, Hugh McGuire‘s “How Podcasting Will Save The World” (I missed his seminar at PodCamp Toronto), and “Storytelling for Podcasts” by Sonya Buyting (who just added me to her Twitter!). Slight hint about what one of my podcasts will be about…

I am also looking forward to having an opportunity to saying thanks to Melinda who does the My Marylin podcast as it is one of my favourite shows to listen. And of course, the king of community building, Chris Brogan.

This is the place to be if you have a podcast, thinking of starting one up, or just like podcasts and social media in general or are curious to know more about it.

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