So I sat down at a cafe in Paris ready to draw, draw, draw when I quickly realized that I haven’t an idea of what subject to draw! I hate it when that happens. Especially after a full day, no– more than a few full days of seeing priceless works of art, breathless architecture, fantastic women and delicious red wine.

Not one single inspiration to draw.

In times like this, it is obvious that my brain needs a rest. It is a lot of exercise to process all that visual information. So, I drew randomly. I started with a square on the left side of a page in my Paris Moleskine and drew the first thing that came to mind. Étoile. Stars.

Then I drew a square beside it. Hot girl. Third square: baguettes. Fourth and slightly above: Paris buildings. Fifth square below it: a crêpe. The final square beside that: me walking in the pouring rain. That was the Sunday I went to Mass at the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.  It was in Gregorian chant and was very beautiful.

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