I am back home from Podcasters Across Borders in Kingston (not Hamilton) and what a blast! Mark Blevis and Bob Goytech (and their wives) did a tremendous job putting together a great convention.

My brain is too tired for me to write deep, deep stuff so all I will say is it was fantastic, I learned a lot and have a metric tonne of new ideas that I can’t wait to get started on (darn my fulltime job!).

If you are a podcaster, or just listen to podcasts or just have an interest altogether, this is a convention you don’t want to miss next year.

There were so many funny (and therefore engaging) presentations with very skillful use of slides (I always knew PowerPoint sucked big time but I never, ever would imagine how great Pages is). I can tell that Neil Gorman will go far. Ditto about Jack Ward of Sonic Society and Andy Bilodeau of AndyCast.

One thing I will take with me from PAB2007 is the sense that podcasters help their community.

Speaking of community…

At one point, someone had lost their digital camera. Everyone pitched in some money so he could get a new one.  Later, his camera was found but what to do with the money? Donate it to the school we already donated over 80 children’s books to! Are podcasters a great bunch of people or what?

I have renewed faith in my podcasting ideas and will proceed with them. Look for the relaunch of SpudCast (thanks to Sean McGaughey) and the new Laughing Podcast…