As usual, PAB, held at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa this year, did not disappoint this year. And as usual, it topped the previous year. I feel there is no need for me to write up a summary when there are already fantastic posts describing the event; Crowdsourcing Creativity and How to Communicate Digitally by PAB first-timers Susan Murphy and Glenn Schmelzle, respectively.

…and YouTube allowing me to embed videos of a few of the sessions themselves.

Sylvain Grand’maison – You are what you hear

Anthony Marco – A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures

John Meadows – Where did all the amateurs go?

Keep an eye on as videos and audio content are posted throughout the summer.

…And a few backchannel notes I favourited on Twitter

Registration for PAB2011 is open and I highly recommend attending. PAB is indeed the TED of social media content creation but without the six grand fee. Also, the PAB community is creative, energetic and supportive.