Last week I posted about the SightFlex I ordered for my show. The package arrived today and to my dismay, MacMice sent me the wrong item. What a let down. All excited and my first show is coming up in a few days. Now to go through the hassle of hoping and hoping that they send me the right package. What if I send back this one but never get my SightFlex?

I sent a message to them asking what the next step is. I hope they allow me to wait until I get my proper item before I have to ship the wrong one back. I hope they pay for shipping. Watch this space!

Update: I gave them a call since I didn’t receive an email reply (then again, most times when I do send in an email anywhere, I never get a reply). So I called them up and the nice lady on the phone, apologized and said she’d mail a new one right away and have someone call me back to arrange for a pick up of the iBreeze. How nice!

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