The inaugural day of ChangeMedium at the beautiful and innovative MaRS Centre is coming to and end and in a few minutes, everyone is going to present the status of their hacking projects which they’ve been working on all day.

In a nutshell, the day brought together academic researchers and developers (and designers in my case) to work on web tools to, well, help researchers and benefit society.  There were two fascinating presentations which opened the day. The first talked about the important and innovative use of SMS for health care in Africa. The second presentation gave us developers and designers the low down on various obstacles the research community encounters when it comes to opening up their data to the public.

I won’t go into detail in this blog post because my head is about to explode after the mind-blowing conversations that were going on in regards to aggregating information across social networks, how the research community can communicate with web developers, and KABOOM!

The project I worked on was designing the front end for a web site which   not sure if i can reveal it so I’ll just say it’s related to the open government initiative.