Looney Tunes Golden Collection volume number 5 is out and I’m already on disc 3. Mind you, I haven’t been watching all the cartoons like a rabid fan should (I was stuck trying to fix WordPress). Just the ones I haven’t seen in ages and the ones I haven’t seen at all.

Like the other 4 volumes, this one didn’t disappoint. The frame grab above is one of the funniest sight gags ever. When I saw it, I immediately wanted to blog about it! In my pre-Internet days, I’d have nobody to share this with. Thanks to technology, now I do (provided that I have an audience, of course).

It comes from Holiday for Shoestrings (on disc 2) which is a take on the shoemaker’s elves fairy tale to the tune of the Nutcracker Suite (yes, it’s a Christmas cartoon).

The sight gag above happens pretty quick. It’s in the beginning where all the elves are appearing out of their hiding places making sure the shoemaker is asleep. This elf has hidden inside a cuckoo clock and you can see in the corner that the cuckoo bird is all tied up and gagged! Elves have to work in secret didn’t he know?

The rest of the cartoon is full of gags involving movie stars of the time, timing jokes and my favourite two idiots trying to nail a shoe together. The way they keep hitting each other is priceless. I’m sure you can find this cartoon on YouTube. Or better yet, buy the disc. It’s worth it!

Of the ones I’ve never seen before, my favourites so far also include:

A Pest in the House (hilarious)
The Stupor Salesman (hilarious)
The Super Snooper
Upstanding Sitter
Hollywood Daffy
You Were Never Duckier
Little Red Rodent Hood
The Trial of Mr. Wolf
Senorella and the Glass Huarache (reminds me a lot of Fractured Fairy Tales)

My sincere apologies to Warner Brothers for the screen grab but it was done so well, how could I not share it? :)