One notable characteristic about Paris (and I safely assume the rest of France) that even a visually impaired person couldn’t miss was the fact that the women are hot… no, beyond hot. Stunning.

In fact, I immediately realized when I was in a major tourist area as the number of stunning women declined dramatically.

It’s not that I am being a chauvanist, I appreciate great art and the women in Paris (and the rest of Europe actually) are masterpieces.

I also noticed that my fellow males of Paris really know how to dress. Mental notes taken.

Aside from les belles femmes and Paris’ fantastic architecture, even their side streets are a feast for the eyes. As I’d walk on a street repeatedly reminding myself that yes I am indeed in Paris, once in a while my eye would catch a medieval looking side street.

That’s one of them near my hotel in the 12th arrondissement (see above).  See those stairs? As I climbed them, one of Paris’s stunning creatures was walking down. Oh she knew I was mesmerized.

And that’s what I liked about Parisien women. They did not look away or give you attitude or be disgusted. They know they are works of art and they are proud of it! :)

That’s what I miss here in North America. Most people seem to be too self-conscious about being appreciated. Trust me, you are looking good. You’re hot stuff! Flaunt it!