My friend and professional networking and speaker expert, Dave Delaney, just launched an ebook offering his tips on using the skills he learned from taking improv classes at The Second City to handle situations that life tends to throw at you. In Improving With Improv, Dave offers 3 lessons he learned and applied to sticky situations such as a technological mishap while giving a presentation to a very large group and a first date with a woman who would end up becoming his wife.

I’m currently enjoying my Level D course at The Second City and I can attest to Dave’s tips. I’ve learned so many new skills that can be directly transferred to real life; embracing failure (ever try saying jokes with a stutter?), to accepting whatever your fellow improvisor gives you, thinking fast on your feet (workplace crisis, anyone?), and not to mention performing in front of an audience (be it on stage or in front of the C-Suite). Along with Toastmasters, I’d recommend taking improv classes to add to the toolbox of your professional life.

Full disclosure – Dave asked me to create illustrations for his ebook. Since his aim was to have illustrations that conveyed a bright, cheerful, and trustworthy, I went for an exaggerated and “abstractly cartoony” design. I’m a big fan of character design of 1950s animated TV commercials and felt that applying this style would fit perfectly with this topic.

Yes, I am available for any cartooning and illustration work you may need for your digital marketing needs.

Download your copy of Improving With Improv on GumRoad (that site has excellent user experience, I may add and is definitely a future blog post).