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Cartoon content marketing

Social media is a noisy environment creating a challenge to get your content to get noticed. Cartoons and comics are the answer!

With instant visual appeal, cartoons and comics are affective at grabbing attention while educating, entertaining, and enlightening your audience. And I can help you with strategy and production.

I’ve been drawing cartoons all my life from making my own little comic books in high school to incorporating them into my professional work. Engaging audiences across digital channels is most effective with visuals. Cartoons can draw them in even more. You’ll find samples of my work both artistically and professionally.

Cause marketing case study: Stuttering is Cool brand awareness

In 2014, I published a book featuring my original comics and sharing life experiences to encourage fellow people who stutter not to let their speech get in the way of their lives. I chose the comic strip medium to show that it’s ok to laugh at oneself and to make my book approachable. The content marketing campaigns I ran were aimed at not only promoting my book, but its protagonist as well.

Cartoons and humour for self-help book

Companion book to my podcast, combining comics and my own experiences, I share survival tips for fellow people who stutter.
A single panel comic strip as a meme

Memes and hashtag ownership

A relatively new campaign I’ve started where I participate in the ” problems” meme that has been going around lately.
Single panel comic

Comics for awareness

Comic strip strategy to spread awareness by engaging and enticing social sharing. For International Stuttering Awareness Day.
Image of an infographic

Infographic and hashtag campagin

Using an infographic to rise above the noise of social media and using a hashtag to encouage the audience to share experiences
A snippet of an inforgraphic

Infographics in comic strip form

I ran a series of monthly infographics using comic strips to explain concepts
Snippet of a website screenshot

Approachable character design for something scary

Character design of an approachable mascot to explain the benefits of a daunting journey.

Style portfolio

Cartoon marketing blog

Improving yourself with improv

Improving yourself with improv

My friend and professional networking and speaker expert, Dave Delaney, just launched an ebook offering his tips on using the skills he learned from taking improv classes at The Second City to handle situations that life tends to throw at you.

Comics for therapy and outreach

Comics for therapy and outreach

As a truly immersive medium, comics are a great way to engage and touch lives. I’ve recently came across a beautiful digital comic called Cancer Owl created by Matthew Mewhorter who is currently undergoing cancer treatments. Matthew turned to drawing comics about his treatments as a way to cope and share with others who are also going through…


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