Spud's surreal adventureI had the pleasure of speaking to a grade 4 class on the other side of the country via Skype. My how times have changed! The topic was illustration, comics, cartooning and animation. I told them how lucky they were to be living in the Internet age where anyone can be a publisher.

The tools are affordable and quite often free. Their teacher asked me if I would be willing to draw a comic for posting on the classroom blog. Certainly! But I asked first if the students can give me a few items they’d like me to add in the comic.

You’ll see the finished product (and more info about the plot) on my graphic blog.

This also gave me the idea to create a series for my niece and nephew. But a little different. I draw a page or two and they let me know what happens next. Kind of like improv comedy but taking audience suggestions during the performance.