My first submission to Illustration Friday. A new topic to draw is announced each week on the site and artists worldwide can submit their drawing about that topic.

The creativity is amazing. So I thought I’d give it a try. This week’s topic is “Visitors” and I immediately thought of ABBA’s “The Visitors” album. Yes, I am a fan and if I may go off on a tangent here, take a listen to this album if you only know ABBA from the usual Dancing Queen and Take A Chance On Me.

I decided to do a bit of a parody of their album cover but using the dragonfly cartoons I recently invented. My submission didn’t turn out as I had expected– I am still learning how to work with markers (LetraSet in case you were wondering) and I don’t have a wide palette.

The results I was aiming for is what I had achieved on my previous post. Mental note: buy thin black markers for outlines.

A bit about the album

The Visitors ended up being ABBA’s last studio album (if you don’t include the  follow-up greatest hits LP with a few new songs).  The cover itself is in a spooky, shadowy reddish gloom with the ABBA members facing in different directions. Perhaps it was a symbol of their divorces, desire to try something new? Despite being pop, the songs on the album sound like they belong in a musical.

May I recommend…

A definite toe-tapper and my favourite is the title track. Especially the chorus. Head Over Heels has an infectious chorus with Angetha and Frida’s harmonies bouncing along with Benny’s music.  When All Is Said And Done was almost another #1 for ABBA and I can’t recommend this song enough. Especially if you’ve ever gone throgh a break up which you know was for the best.

And if you do decide to buy the album, be sure to get the one with the bonus tracks. I can never get tired of Should I Laugh Or Cry; a new wave sounding song with a bit of ital-disco sound to it.

You can’t go wrong with this album.

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