I am excited about the two speaking proposals I submitted for PodCamp Toronto 2011.

The first will be my presentation lengthly entitled “You have the awesome ability to make positive changes on the lives of people all over the world through your podcast and other social media tools”. Using my podcast as a case study, I show how you don’t need to worry if anyone will listen. All social media tools give us the ability to share knowledge and coach each other beyond geographical borders.

I presented this talk to enthusiastic audiences in previous years at PodCamp London and Montreal and at PAB. This will be my first time presenting in my home town.

My second presentation will be a new one all about mobile podcasting. That is, using apps on your smartphone (or tablet) to record, edit if necessary, and upload. This certainly decreases production time. I use it myself especially for spontaneous interviews and quick episodes.

However, my experience has exclusively been with the iPhone. So I’m sending an open invitation to anyone who uses Androids, BlackBerries, tablets to join me in presenting. The invitation is open to other iPhone users as well, since the spirit of PodCamp is sharing knowledge and learning new things!