Today’s Toronto Star has a great article about the XO laptop and the concept of simple technology. It’s a great read if you’re like me–> tired of the unnecessarily complexity of operating systems (Vista) and cellphones. In other words, inappropriate technology. Or as the article talks about, simple technology = appropriate technology.

There is a line which jumped right out at me: “We like the idea that we can use our all-powerful, expensive computer to edit a movie, record an album or create a podcast, even though the chances of this happening are quite low. Computers are advertised as limitless creativity machines, while appropriate technology forces consumers to confront the limitations of a new device before it’s unboxed.” (emphasis mine)

Kudos to Ryan Bigge for writing the article. He typed it on his XO laptop which he received earlier in the week. He also talks about how the XO is a reporter’s dream (another example of appropriate technology).