I just saw an ad that was posted on somebody’s blog that made me want to blog about it myself! You know your video truly is viral when someone writes something like that.

So I’m on Twitter and see a tweet by Chris Brogan (who knows how to use Twitter properly) remarking how an ad entices him to spread the word about it. Naturally, I was curious so I took a gander. ‘Twas a link to his blog post remarking the journey a video ad went from being posted on MySpace to prompting Chris to post it on his blog to being spread somewhere else (like here on my blog).

I was so hooked on the video and waiting to see what happens next and the way the story unfolded… I just had to write a post about it immediately .

I repeat— I just had to write a post about it

No, I’m not going to start raving about social media being the best thing since slice bread (already did that). I want to tell you to go take a look at that video and tell me that isn’t a fantastic example of effective storytelling .

Wow. I actually got excited over an ad.

So what’s so great about this video anyway?

First go watch it so you know what I’m talking about :)

  1. You see the protagonist working on a painting. The story unfolds as he completes his painting at the end. While he is painting, you really like the artwork (well, I did anyway).
  2. The protagonist is a graffiti artist. Graffiti is traditionally a rebellious and naughty thing to do. People tend to like watching naughty, illegal things happening (even if the graffiti is commissioned).
  3. There is another story unfolding at the same time: how cans of spray paint are manufactured. People also like to see how things are made.
  4. The protagonist talks about new spray cans for graffiti art. He talks about how great they are for thin lines, etc. You can’t really tell what he is painting and that always suckers me in.
  5. Near the end, you see the product’s logo (I missed the opening few seconds which would have clued me in) so it wasn’t too tv-ad-ish. I also thought it was an ad for spray paint! Actually, it is, isn’t it? I’m safely assuming it’s a combined campaign for Adidas and Montana spray paint.

That’s what I think. What did you like (or dislike?) about the ad?