Last Friday, I purchased the Crystal Film Set by Power Support for my new iPhone 3G. It’s a protective film cover you place over the screen to protect it form scratches and such. What I liked about this product was that it didn’t need any adhesives. It uses static cling to stay on.

Unfortunately, the price is a little high for thin plastic strips ($15) and it’s hard to know which side must be facing down. Fortunately, Crystal Film Set comes with 2 covers just in case. Unfortunately, I goofed up on both attempts by installing them wrong side up. There is really no way to figure out which side is which until it’s too late.

I’d place the film onto my phone only to find it not sticking at all. So I flip it over and find the same thing happening and then realize, somehow, despite the film not clinging, it was on the sticky side. Huh?! The sticky side only becomes sticky once you’ve flipped it over and exposed it to air?

If only they were clear on which side was what, I’d be happy with my purchase. Instead, I feel like I’ve thrown $15 directly into the garbage and can’t help feel little like an idiot.

If you buy this product, be very, very careful.