The 6th St-St-Stuttering is C-C-Cool comic returns my online venture back to black and white comics (explanation). My preferred medium. And oh how great it is for an artist to work in his (or her) domain! I won’t abandon colour. I’ll save that for oil pastels and maybe watercolour.

In Coffee Date part 3, Franky Banky tells Spud all about his disaster of a date. What I like about this comic is it’s teaches a lesson in that when it comes to dating, it’s not necessarily your fault. Or anyone’s for that matter. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Then one day, someone comes along… a bit of foreshadowing there.

The next comic will start a new story arc and I’m really eager to show you. It’s 3 pages long and really funny (well, I think so). Stay tooned!