It is the day after my return from this year’s PAB conference in the nation’s capital and as expected, it did not disappoint. I’ve attended PAB every year since 2007 and always return even more energized to create content.

I keep returning because the community is awesome. In fact, as I was unpacking last night, I came to realize that the appropriate term for PAB conference attendees is “participants”.

You go to the conference and your fellow attendees are speaking. It’s a more direct, friendlier form of “unconference”. No focus on using Facebook or Twitter to improve . PAB is exactly like getting together with your fellow social media and digital (and analogue) content nerds except it’s over 3 days and you really, really, really want to hear from everyone. And you learn so much from each other.

This year’s theme was “Your story needs to be told. Well”. Being a natural born storyteller, I was definitely in my element. PAB always proves without a doubt that CONTENT IS KING (get over it).

It’s interesting to note that a number of sessions centered around telling and preserving family histories. And a lot of the comments from the audience was along the lines of “My family did that, too!”.

Add to that the sessions by a director of photography at IMAX, artists, embracing and learning from your worst works, those (good) shiver moments that our favourite movies and music form, and learning from the Catholic Church’s appoach to one-to-many, one-to-one communication instead of prosthelytizing.

So if you’re a natural born storyteller like me who believes the importance of quality in the content you post online, then definitely check out PAB next year in Ottawa from June 15-17.