As music is one of my passions, I’ll write a post now and then reviewing artists and their songs and albums that I’d like to share.

One of my favourite music genres is electrotango. Tango music on a house beat. It’s melodic and very sexy. You can’t help but move your feet to its intoxicating beat and be taken away into the arms of a hot tango dance senorita in a nightclub somewhere in Buenos Aires.

Even if you’re listening to it on your iPod on your way to work (or a conference). Electrotango also makes excellent dinner, background and make out music. Maybe you didn’t need to read that last part.

Bajofondo Tango Club is one of my favourite electrotango bands. Members of the band hail from Argentina and Uruguay and from what I’ve seen on YouTube, they put on a great live show.

Hot cool ear candy

Their new album, Mar dulce (which means “sweet sea”) has finally been released here in North America and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for cool, worldly beats for your ears. The disc offers a new twist in blending the traditional with the new and then some.

Earlier in the year, I personally couldn’t wait for the domestic release of Mar Dulce so I ordered the import and live tweeted my first listen. My favourites are the lively Pa bailar (spiffy soft shoe), Grand Guignol (very mysterious and ominous sounding), Pulmón (love the cool bass!), and No pregunto cuantos son (caution: this makes you drive fast). I crank them up everytime I’m in my car.

Mar dulce also contains surprising departures mixing tango with hip-hop and adult contemporary (El Mareo). Though not my usual musical preferences, I have no doubt fans of the genres will love it. Nelly Furtado fans will enjoy Slippery Sidewalks as she is the featured vocalist.


Bajofondo Tango Club’s creativity and passion for tango and electronic music sums up what makes Mar dulce a great album of what tango can do for music. If you’re looking for something different from the stuff on commercial radio, I highly recommend this CD. All of Bajofondo’s CDs actually.