Quite unexpectedly, I received an invite to Seesmic. Being the social media strategist I am, I signed up and took a look around. It’s fantastic! And I immediately came up with an idea for a show.

You see, I have a few paintings that didn’t turn out as I had expected (really, really ugly). But I never threw them out and I certainly didn’t hang them up on the wall as a grim reminder. So my first show is me showing 2 pieces that I’m not pleased with. One of them is downright frightful! :)

Normally, you only show your best work (like here). A site like Seesmic seems perfect for asking for opinions (I hope the comments won’t be too harsh!). Especially what to do with things like rating ugly, ugly art :)

My video is called What to do with bad paintings which I’ll probably call Chuck or Up Chuck if I have any future shows (um, not that I have that much bad art).