Have I mentioned that I self-published a book?

Speaking of self-publishing, this interesting article appeared in the Toronto Star today describing 2013 as a year with a high volume of authors self-publishing. thanks to a few enablers such as low digital distribution, print on demand, and low or no financial barriers.

By using my computer, graphic design and desktop publishing software I already owned and some money, I spent most of 2013 creating my motivational and self-help book for people who stutter.

Entitled, Stuttering is Cool: A Guide to Stuttering in a Fast-Talking World, I combined my comics, a bit of pseudo-infographics and my sense of humour to encourage my fellow stutterers not to let their speech impediment get in the way of their lives.

I drew my comics by hand. Since I use a computer all day for my day job, it was a lot of fun working with my hands. Touching the paper, wiping the eraser dust off the pages of my sketchbook — even washing the ink off my hands brought some tactile joy that clicking with a mouse could never provide.

Putting a book together and seeing it in print when boxes and boxes of it arrive at your door can be fun, but you have to do all the promotion yourself. Which can be beneficial to your mental health as well as you accomplish one goal after another and grow from the experiences.

Plus, I have six boxes taking up space that I need to sell ASAP ;)

According to the Toronto Star article, there were more self-published titles in 2013 than titles from traditional publishing companies. This is significant. With such low financial and technical barriers to publishing, and using the digital tools that we already have in our homes — and in our hands via our mobile devices — I encourage you, dear reader, to consider self-publishing on a topic that you’re passionate about. What can you lose?